Awards & Film Festivals




  • German Integration Award, Jury Main Prize (Germany / 2019)
    With the German Integration Award, the non-profit Hertie Foundation honours unique projects that are particularly committed to disadvantaged people and actively involve them. The StrassenGEBURTSTAG of StrassenBLUES e.V. received the first prize of the jury. 
  • SMART Hero Award, 2nd place, Category: Community and Cohesion (Germany / 2019)
    by Facebook & Stiftung Digitale Chancen - in the team for StrassenBLUES e.V.
    Smart heroes receive the Smart Hero Award. These are people and organizations who successfully implement their voluntary and social commitment in and with social media. Smart stands for the intelligent use of social media for recognition, respect and tolerance. 
  • German Commitment Award, Category: Strengthening Democracy (Germany / 2019)
    This award recognizes the voluntary commitment of people in our country and all those who support this commitment by awarding prizes. StrassenBLUES e.V. is nominated for its Germany-wide campaign StrassenWAHL.


  • Active for Democracy and Tolerance (Germany / 2018)
    Competition Prize of the Alliance for Democracy and Tolerance - founded by the Federal Ministry of the Interior and the Federal Ministry of Justice - for the nationwide campaign StrassenWAHL for StrassenBLUES e.V. 
  • SMART Hero Award, Category: fair to each other (Germany / 2018)
    by Facebook & Stiftung Digitale Chancen - as a team for StrassenBLUES e.V. / nominated
  • Alternative Media Award, Category: Network (Germany / 2018)
    as a team for StrassenBLUES e.V. 
  • startsocial scholarship - help for helpers (Germany / 2018)
    Consulting scholarship for StrassenBLUES e.V. under the patronage of the German Chancellor
  • Environmental and Social Award (Germany 2018) 
    of the Regional Committee Walddörfer of the District Assembly Hamburg-Wandsbek as a team for StrassenBLUES e.V.


  • German Camera Award, Category: Documentary (Germany / 2017)
    shooted as a team for The Story of One Evening, Episode 3 / nominated
  • International Independent Film Awards (USA / 2017)
    “Silver Winner” for The Bus, The Mob And The Village
  • Impact DOCS Award (USA / 2017)
    “Merit Special Mention” for The Bus, The Mob And The Village


  • Journalism Award of the Bremerhaven-Unterweser Press Club (Germany / 2016)
    "Category Television" for 7 Days... Barzan & Me
  • "IMPACT STARTER" of ´Social Impact Lab Hamburg´ (Germany / 2016)
    Scholarship and winner of the audience pitch award for homeless project


  • Grimme Award, Category: Entertainment (Germany / 2015)
    for The Story of One Evening, Episode 1 (Author: Portrait Laura Karasek) / nominated 
  • German Reporter Award (Germany / 2015)
    “Best Web Documentary” for Careers in Prison / nominated 
  • Lift-Off International Film Festival (UK & worldwide / 2015)
    “Best Documentary” for Alex - Incomplete Faith / Overall Seasonal Winner
  • British Documentary Film Festival (Great Britain / 2015)
    “The Life Changing Award” for Street Blues
  • "PARI INNO" of ´THE PARITAETISCHE´ welfare organization (Germany / 2015)
    Winner of the idea competition for homeless project
  • Amsterdam Lift-Off Film Festival (Niederlande / 2015)
    “Best Documentary” for Alex - Incomplete Faith
  • NEZ International Film Festival (India / 2015)
    “Best Director” for Alex – Incomplete Faith


  • Viewster Online Film Festival (worldwide / 2014)
    3rd Audience Award + “Best German Film” for Alex – Incomplete Faith

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