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  • Wettbewerb Sozialkampagne | 1st place
    "Making good things visible" - that is the motto of the 12th Social Campaign Competition organized by the Bank für Sozialwirtschaft. It honors communication campaigns on social issues and social challenges. The Bank für Sozialwirtschaft's Social Campaign competition is aimed at clubs, associations, companies and other organizations as well as agencies that have implemented an advertising or communication campaign on a social topic or social challenge since the beginning of 2020. "The Corona pandemic has shown us how important social cohesion and healthcare are for all of us. By awarding prizes to innovative social campaigns, we want to make good things visible and support the valuable commitment of social organizations," says Prof. Dr. Harald Schmitz, CEO of the Bank für Sozialwirtschaft." StrassenBLUES is awarded with its campaign #LetMeBeSafe.
  • Social Impact Challenge
    Social Impact gGmbH: "For 6 months, social startups, social organization and projects work together and professionally coached on their current challenges. Through group workshops, individual coaching, individual expert advice and financial support, solutions are developed, tested and implemented here." StrassenBLUES is a finalist & program participant with Working for Impact.
  • MITWIRKEN - The Hertie funding program for living democracy
    "With its funding program MITWIRKEN, the Hertie Foundation is looking for projects and initiatives that work for democratic coexistence in our society. The democracy projects get involved in different ways; by creating opportunities for dialogue and encounters, by standing up for freedom of expression or for a diverse society. They also make an important contribution to coexistence in our democracy by communicating democratic values, creating transparency and shaping participation." StrassenBLUES is in the official selection for #TeilhabeStattArmut.
  • Stadtteilpreis Hamburg
    "In Hamburg, there are associations and initiatives that make the lives of many people a little bit better. This social commitment is now being rewarded! MOPO and PSD Bank Nord are now inviting entries for the City District Award 2022. 10 x 10,000 euros are to be awarded in the new round, making a total of a proud 100,000 euros!" StrassenBLUES is nominated for its Social Impact Storytelling.



  • German Sustainability Design Award 
    Sustainable design provides answers to all the major challenges of our time and changes the way people live: Users can make their own decisions for sustainability and make their own contributions to the transformation. The award honors the best design solutions from all areas. Design is not only understood as the design of physical products, but also as the development of any conceivable product, system or service. StrassenBLUES e.V. is awarded for its comprehensive Corona-StrassenHILFE.
  • NEW WORK Award, Category: New Worker  
    The NEW WORK Award is the prize for forward-looking work in the German-speaking world. Once a year, it honors people, concepts and initiatives that are role models for the future and are shaping the multi-faceted transformation of the world of work. Individuals whose work contributes significantly to the NEW WORK debate or development are honored as "New Workers". Nikolas Migut is on the shortlist with his association StrassenBLUES for their project ´working for impact´.
  • Active for Democracy and Tolerance 
    Competition Prize of the Alliance for Democracy and Tolerance - founded by the Federal Ministry of the Interior and the Federal Ministry of Justice. Awarded for Corona-StrassenHILFE of StrassenBLUES e.V.. 
  • German Commitment Award
    This award recognizes the voluntary commitment of people in our country and all those who support this commitment by awarding prizes. StrassenBLUES e.V. is nominated for Corona-StrassenHILFE as well as for StrassenGEBURTSTAG.



  • German Award for Online Communication, Category: Purpose Driven Communications (Covid-19)
    In uncertain times, good communication is one of the most important aspects in society. Encourage, send positive signals, help your fellow human beings and make them laugh, educate them in a comprehensible way. All this and more had to be creatively implemented and communicated within a very short time. The German Award for Online Communication honours the campaign that contributed to the common good during the Corona crisis with good vibes. My homeless association StrassenBLUES e.V. receives the award for the actions and campaigns within the framework of our Corona-StrassenHILFE.
  • einheitspreis - Citizens´Award for German Unity, Category: Human
    This award from the Federal Agency for Civic Education honours both people and initiatives who are committed to historical reunification and those who are currently living unity and, for example, in times of the Corona crisis support fellow human beings throughout Germany. StrassenBLUES e.V. is awarded for its solidarity project StrassenGEBURTSTAG.
  • "Man of Action of the Year"
    As the year draws to a close, the Corona pandemic draws attention to those people who have shown a big heart or done exemplary work during the crisis. In Hamburg, under the patronage of the First Mayor of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, Dr. Peter Tschentscher, the "Man of Action of the Year" award was presented to people, companies and non-profit initiatives who demonstrated public spirit, resourcefulness and energy during the Corona crisis. Association Chairman Nikolas Migut was honoured for his Corona StrassenHILFE.
  • Volunteer Awards, Category: Innovative Thinking
    The awards are a recognition of special social commitment, the commitment to a diverse and tolerant society and a peaceful future. The category "Innovative Thinking" stands for a volunteer who has developed new ideas and achieved great impact for the target group. Nikolas Migut was honored by the organization GoVolunteer especially for his "Corona StrassenHILFE".
  • Annemarie Dose Award
    Annemarie Dose, the founder of Hamburger Tafel, would have been 92 years old this year. The Hamburg Senate honors particularly innovative, social commitment with a prize named after her. Nikolas Migut and his association StrassenBLUES e.V. were awarded for the project StrassenGEBURTSTAG.
  • Gunnar Uldall Economy Award
    Examples of entrepreneurial solidarity, special creativity and initiatives from companies that support the common good are the focus of this award. StrassenSUPPE by StrassenBLUES e.V. receives the award for its activities for homeless people during the Corona crisis.



  • German Integration Award, Jury Main Prize
    With the German Integration Award, the non-profit Hertie Foundation honours unique projects that are particularly committed to disadvantaged people and actively involve them. The StrassenGEBURTSTAG of StrassenBLUES e.V. received the first prize of the jury. 
  • SMART Hero Award,  Category: Community and Cohesion
    by Facebook & Stiftung Digitale Chancen - in the team for StrassenBLUES e.V.
    Smart heroes receive the Smart Hero Award. These are people and organizations who successfully implement their voluntary and social commitment in and with social media. Smart stands for the intelligent use of social media for recognition, respect and tolerance. StrassenBLUES e.V. was awarded 2nd place for its social media activities. 
  • German Commitment Award, Category: Strengthening Democracy
    This award recognizes the voluntary commitment of people in our country and all those who support this commitment by awarding prizes. StrassenBLUES e.V. is nominated for its Germany-wide campaign StrassenWAHL.



  • Active for Democracy and Tolerance
    Competition Prize of the Alliance for Democracy and Tolerance - founded by the Federal Ministry of the Interior and the Federal Ministry of Justice - for the nationwide campaign StrassenWAHL for StrassenBLUES e.V. 
  • SMART Hero Award, Category: fair to each other
    by Facebook & Stiftung Digitale Chancen - as a team for StrassenBLUES e.V. / nominated
  • Alternative Media Award, Category: Network
    as a team for StrassenBLUES e.V. 
  • startsocial scholarship - help for helpers
    Consulting scholarship for StrassenBLUES e.V. under the patronage of the German Chancellor
  • Environmental and Social Award
    of the Regional Committee Walddörfer of the District Assembly Hamburg-Wandsbek as a team for StrassenBLUES e.V.



  • German Camera Award, Category: Documentary
    shooted as a team for The Story of One Evening, Episode 3 / nominated
  • International Independent Film Awards (USA)
    “Silver Winner” for The Bus, The Mob And The Village
  • Impact DOCS Award (USA)
    “Merit Special Mention” for The Bus, The Mob And The Village



  • Journalism Award of the Bremerhaven-Unterweser Press Club
    "Category Television" for 7 Days... Barzan & Me
  • "IMPACT STARTER" of ´Social Impact Lab Hamburg´
    Scholarship and winner of the audience pitch award for homeless project



  • Grimme Award, Category: Entertainment 
    for The Story of One Evening, Episode 1 (Author: Portrait Laura Karasek) / nominated 
  • German Reporter Award 
    “Best Web Documentary” for Careers in Prison / nominated 
  • Lift-Off International Film Festival (UK & worldwide)
    “Best Documentary” for Alex - Incomplete Faith / Overall Seasonal Winner
  • British Documentary Film Festival (Great Britain)
    “The Life Changing Award” for Street Blues
  • "PARI INNO" of ´THE PARITAETISCHE´ welfare organization 
    Winner of the idea competition for homeless project
  • Amsterdam Lift-Off Film Festival (Netherland)
    “Best Documentary” for Alex - Incomplete Faith
  • NEZ International Film Festival (India)
    “Best Director” for Alex – Incomplete Faith



  • Viewster Online Film Festival (worldwide)
    3rd Audience Award + “Best German Film” for Alex – Incomplete Faith


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